Process Automation Services

Apex Manufacturing Solutions offers automation services utilizing state of the art control software and hardware from leading industry vendor partners.

Apex best practices from our experience in a wide range of industries ensure that each solution performs at its peak.

Continuous Improvement

Continual Improvement (CI) is a management process whereby customer valued processes are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

Apex consultants have extensive real-world experience applying the techniques of CI to manufacturing operations. Our end-to-end CI solutions will help you improve production throughout, reduce waste, and increase uptime.

Manufacturing IT Infrastructure

Relying on factory automation to control and monitor your equipment and manufacturing processes requires a robust infrastructure that can handle all the demands of your unique environment.

At Apex Manufacturing Solutions we ensure all components, from the control network, to the redundant servers, to the physical system security meet our client’s needs so that we may implement the most reliable and highly available solution, keeping their manufacturing process running at its peak.

Legacy Systems

Maintaining a legacy system can be challenging and daunting task. Years of hands-on experience and a depth of knowledge around maintaining, as well as seamlessly upgrading legacy systems helps Apex Manufacturing Solutions provide this unique service.

ERP, MES, and Plant Floor Integration

Integrating hardware on the plant floor into a cohesive enterprise control system is fundamental in knowing how well a plant is running.

Apex Manufacturing Solutions can help you effectively implement the system interfaces to collect and display the right information, in the right context, at the right time.

Trusted Liaison

Many of our high-growth customers are too busy to properly leverage technology while running their successful business. Apex can quickly identify and fill these gaps while acting as a trusted liaison between the customer and their equipment manufacturers, software companies, and service providers.

Typical activities include

  • Application Design
  • Contractor and Vendor Selection
  • Product Selection
  • Quality Control / Client Standards Enforcement
  • Training

Project Management

From start to finish, Apex will be there to design, develop, implement, and maintain every aspect of the project with a sense of internal ownership that ensures the project goals exceed the aspirations of our clients.

Project Management types

  • General Contracting
  • Project Supervision
  • Commissioning Support
  • Contractor and Vendor Coordination

Plant Support and Maintenance

Apex Manufacturing Solutions understands that customer support and maintenance is a key ingredient to any relationship. We provide support and maintenance plans that will fit your needs to make sure that your manufacturing process continues to run without interruption.

Audit and Consulting Services

Apex Manufacturing Solutions offers audit and consulting services that help you make the best decisions for the unique automation needs of your facility.

Our audit process is designed to recommend the right technology in a vendor neutral way. Our primary concern is to help solve your problems using the most effective tools, not sell more licenses!